About Us

Breathing life into business is what we do.


Mindcorp is an independent creative digital agency based in Fulham, London with a smaller satellite office in Oslo.

Our business is to create branding solutions for yours. We specialise in TV, film, post production, real estate, luxury brands and sport. We supplement our creative branding by delivering informed strategic guidance and we don’t do half measures.

Founded in 2005 by Creative Director Andrew Robinson, Mindcorp now celebrate a reputation as one of the UK’s leading authorities for digital branding and design.

It has long been said that of the three main tenets of any project; those being speed, quality and cost, that only two out of the three are ever achievable. Because most of our work falls under the high pressure deadlines of event dates, TV schedules and conferences/markets we find ourselves with an established reputation for being able to deliver that which was thought impossible. Long may it continue.

Our team members come from a range of disciplines and backgrounds: from graphic/web design and IT to marketing and copywriting.

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Want to know more?

We would love to discuss your unique objectives and how we can tailor our digital creativity to meet them.