21st July 2017

AI turning #foodporn into recipes

by mindcorp / Blog

Do you get that overriding sense of pleasure when you see the waiter walking over to the table with your food? Do you get food envy when you see beautifully crafted dishes plated up all over your social media feeds? We do too! What if you could recreate all your favourite meals with the help of Artificial Intelligence?

Now you’re talking!

Hashtags such as #picoftheday, #foodporn and #foodie are used in millions of pictures all over social media. While sharing images is easy, finding recipes that go along with these tantalising dishes seems to be an irregular occurrence. With the help of artificial intelligence and a computer science student Nick Hynes, your taste buds will finally be thanking you!

Nick has created a website called Pic2Recipe, a dynamic website that lets you find recipes the easy way. It’s a neural network that has been trained using AI to recognise food from more than one million recipes from sources such as food.com and allrecipes.

Nick stated, “It can look at a photo of a dish and be able to predict the ingredients and even suggest similar recipes. It’s training allows it to find patterns and make connections between the food images and the corresponding ingredients and recipes”.

You can upload images from all over the world at any time, which goes on to be analysed by multiple machine learning systems. Once the food has been identified in the photo it then searches against a database and provides numerous recipes. Not every match is precise, food such as smoothies, soups and sushi are harder to recognise and this will take some learning from his AI website. His platform is different from others as it attempts to pin food to a recipe rather then work out what the ingredients are.

Now, Mindcorp can’t help you recognise food utilising AI, but we can combine AI algorithms and big data with reactive marketing to give your digital campaigns the best possible results.

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