2nd March 2017

Choosing AI over brains

by mindcorp / Blog

If you haven’t already heard, AI is one of the top digital trends of 2017.  Always staying ahead of the latest technologies, Coca-Cola have pushed aside their creative tour de force for it’s latest set of adverts with tech algorithms. But does AI have the ability, passion and wit to override and out-smart their human leaders?

Experimenting with AI is all about pushing the boundaries of technology and to see if it’s capable of producing better results. By 2020, 85% of customer interactions will be managed without a human. So the creative team at Coca-Cola shouldn’t be to worried about loosing their jobs, just yet.

Coca-Cola’s senior global director Mariano Bosaz added, “I don’t know if we can do it 100 percent with robots yet—maybe one day—but bots is the first expression of where that is going.” 

Just like Coca-Cola, we keep our clients ahead of the game. Mindcorp recently partnered with Gyana, an artificial intelligence company that uses advanced algorithmic technology to produce high value insight. Where are people going, what are they saying and how can we use these live macro trends to produce the best possible outcome for your campaigns.

Gyana processes every facet of data of a given city and lays it out in a simple 3D interface, which you can explore and filter to your requirements. The data is combined together from over 50 data points and then cross-correlated. We analyse these trends in real-time to deliver ‘finger-on-the-pulse’ reactive marketing which keeps your message campaign on track to deliver true ROI. 

We will be offering a free demo at MIPTV – If you’d like to learn more about our dynamic partnership and how we can deliver value driven AI results to your business then call us on 020 7610 0300 or email gary@mindcorp.co.uk 

Know everything right away with Mindcorp & Gyana. Be creative, be clever. 

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