26th November 2010

DunKing of the branded pages

by mindcorp / Social media and SEO

It seems like every day that an innovative branded Facebook page pops up, dislodging the last flavour of the week incumbent from the top of the equally ubiquitous lists of the best custom FB pages (like this one). More and more, companies are embracing social media as the key means of communicating with their customer base. The best branded pages are the ones that create a true environment for the fan (or at least Mindcorp thinks so) – the kind of place where customers can interact not only with the brand but each other, in addition to having fun stuff to do.

On this basis, I’d say Dunkin’ Donuts is reigning king when it comes to branded social media pages. They keep pumping out fresh, innovative campaigns that are exciting for fans and customers of the brand, that should serve as a future guide for any brand looking for page inspiration. Past campaigns have included Facebook driven competitions to name new products and create cup designs, and even new donut flavours. They even used their Facebook page to recruit people to help in the creation of a street art mural of the classic Dunkin’ logo (seen below), which adorned Times Square.

Their most recent Facebook campaign has been a hunt for ‘The Ultimate Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee Fan’. Fans are invited to upload videos explaining why they are the ultimate DD coffee fan – the winner receives a fully paid trip to Costa Rica, and a 60 month supply of coffee. Runners up win a [significantly less heart threatening] year’s supply of caffeine. Whilst such a campaign has obvious benefits in that it inspires customers to interact with the Dunkin’ Donuts brand on a direct level, it also generates a shedload of user content which Dunkin’ Donuts can use when the campaign is over. The combination of interactive content, an engaging page and loyalty rewards (fans of the page who contribute to it regularly are individually rewarded with vouchers, or notified of special offers) have established the Dunkin’ Donuts brand as a clear market leader in the increasingly innovative, and creative, world of branded Facebook pages.

Dunkin’ Donuts are a great example of a brand that has consistently gotten it right when it comes to social media marketing. As the number of page apps and page developers multiplies, hundreds of different ways to modify and enhance your brand’s Facebook page present themselves almost daily. Will you be a leader or a follower?

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