12th November 2014


by mindcorp / Pick of the Week

Instantly Collect Artworks From All Over The World

Artists from all over the world offer a wide spectrum of artwork to be instantly collected and enjoyed on FRAMED. With dedicated web and smartphone apps, anyone can easily explore an infinite range of visualizations, with support for various formats including: graphics, illustration, GIFs, animation, video, openFrameworks, Flash, Processing, and more..


The Beautiful Internet On Your Wall

FRAMED showcases all types of artworks found on the Web, while you’re browsing through Tumblr, when you find your favorite artwork, or updating your own portfolio. Send artworks at any moment and display them inside your living room, office or public spaces.

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Immersive Interface With Hand Gestures

Instead of using touch screens, gesture recognition allows you to control and interact with FRAMED with simple movements of your hand. Our revamped interface simplifies the user experience for more practical use, so you don’t have to continue walking back to navigate or switch artworks.

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Seamless Smartphone IntegrationÔÇ»

FRAMED is seamlessly integrated with ourÔÇ»smartphone app (free), functioning as an intelligent control system to explore and build a collection of artwork disseminated across the web.ÔÇ»With your touchscreen, FRAMED reacts instantly for those seeking an immersive and interactive experience.

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A Publishing Platform For Artists

As designers ourselves, we couldnÔÇÖt be more excited about the opportunity to create a marketplace where artists can freely publish and sell their work ÔÇö and weÔÇÖre thrilled to present a roster of incredible artists to Kickstarter Backers, including:


Aaron KoblinÔÇ»uses real-world and community generated data to reflect on cultural trends and the changing relationship between humans and the systems they create ÔÇöÔÇ»Takashi KawashimaÔÇ»explores the re-contextualizing of commonplace items to create new awareness of the mundane.

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Universal EverythingÔÇ»is a multidisciplinary studio at the crossover between design and art, exploring the tension between abstract and figurative with sound and image, leading to expressive, vibrant digital artworks, embodied with emergent life and anthropomorphism.

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