15th November 2016

Google and Facebook both in ‘fake news’ clampdown

by mindcorp / Blog

Facebook and Google are laying down the law when it comes to ‘fake news sites’ by blocking them from using their platforms, thus cutting them off from a crucial line of profit. Many complaints have been made towards both companies over the role of misleading information.

Numerous reports broke on the Mindcorp social feed, with Google being the first company to be mentioned from the Wall Street Journal. The network had to update the terms and conditions to ban companies and websites to stop misrepresenting information. Not all content can be excluded from search options but can stop revenue occurring from false advertising.

Soon after the news of Google broke, Facebook followed suit by banning misleading publishers from using Facebook’s audience network. “Our team will continue to closely vet all prospective publishers and monitor existing ones to ensure compliance,” read a Facebook statement.

Ever since Trump was elected as President of the United States the spread of ‘fake news’ and accusations have been dominating our social media networks. With both companies coming under scrutiny for further spreading false information about the election.

With such bad publicity and attention for Facebook, we saw that the CEO Mark Zuckerberg has responded publicly to the news. Read the post below: