Less is more


There seemed to be a very long stage of ‘because we can’ in design. Technology made it easy to incorporate and assemble complexity (think filters, gradients, transparency, lighting effects, 3D rendering, exploding type libraries etc.) so designers sought to incorporate an abundance of techniques to showcase their craft. Nowadays designers have taken a U-turn as brands are looking to go back to basics.

Simplicity of logos helps to increase recognisability in shorter time periods and gets information across quickly. There just isn’t time to “see” everything we come across, logos are not made to be analysed and studied, thus there seems to be no need for depth and complexity.

Simple sells in a complex world.

In today’s rapidly advancing world, we crave simplicity. As our lives, technology, and environments get more complex, we want our lives to be simpler than they currently are, and this is reflected in the recent boom of simplified logos.

Take Dropbox for example, who used to feature a more 3D box using shading and transparency. Its latest design has dropped (pun intended) the type, favouring an app-friendly 2D look.

In the recent Mastercard and Airbnb rebrands, visually busy logos were exchanged for streamlined, simple designs.

Globally recognised companies like Spotify reach a level of success wherein they are able to drop their name from the logo and yet people continue to recognise their brand. This minimalism is memorable and high-impact and has clearly become a trend in recent years.


In the words of Leonardo DaVinci, ‘simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’.

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