Ascent 142 Corporate Identity


Mindcorp were approached to relaunch the brand with a new dynamic identity, emphasising it’s position as a distinctive creative post-production facility and not just an extention of its then US corporate company Ascent Media.

The name 142 was chosen because of the significance of Film House 142 Wardour St. The address had been synonymous with film and TV post production for many years.
With the tagline ‘the creative heart of Soho’ we decided to use photographs of numbers taken all over the Soho area.

The motif of the numbers 142 was then used to create the exterior and interior designs across the building. Before the launch, the windows were blacked out and a countdown clock was created to hit zero on the morning of the launch.

The launch provided the opportunity to use the motif throughout collateral including the invite and giveaways. The countdown clock was created to be used as a screensaver.

The website was updated to reflect the new identity.