AOI Web Platform


Mindcorp were asked by the Association of Illustrators to create a new suite of websites; from the AOI paid members site to the re-creation of the AOI Portfolios website, a site designed to showcase the portfolios of around 750 artists and around 15,000 portfolio images

They approached Mindcorp with the aim of creating a highly user-friendly, navigable platform for both illustrators and agents. They were looking to hugely increase the number of memberships they received from professional artists around the UK and abroad.

Previously you had to ask the organisation to put your work up for you, it wasn’t particularly dynamic, and each of the websites were each their own entities, not remotely linked. We came up with a concept to allow increased functionality, user upload, tagging and keywords, profiles and commissioner contact points.

The move marked a complete digital rebrand across numerous different sites. It was ground breaking in the fact that we were bringing together 6 different databases all run independently with five different versions. We set up a membership base for 2000 artists, all able to have their own access, profile and upload their own portfolios to a retina display high-resolution standard.

Membership area

We integrated a user control panel with fully editable password protection, thumbnails, descriptions and keywords section.

Backend image

The rotating carousel featured on the landing page would display different images constantly being refreshed through the self-managed portfolios of individual illustrators and agents.

Home page image

We developed other features on the site which included an ecommerce function for users to purchase various membership types from the site itself, as well as buy Illustration publications, client directories and issues of Varoom magazine.

Varoom magazine image

Within the first 2 months of site launch, the AOI doubled Portfolio memberships and increased web traffic by over 700% with artists being actively commissioned from the site.