10th August 2017

S É A N C E – Darkfield

by mindcorp / Blog

How would you like to attend a play in total darkness? The room so dark that you can’t even see your hand in front of you. Glen Neath and David Rosenberg have produced a pitch-black theatre, a rare oddity in the theatrical world. Their company Darkfield have created an immersive play called Séance.

Séance explores the psychology of a group of people who have been bombarded with suggestible material. It is an intense sonic performance for twenty people at a time, lasting for twenty terrifying minutes. You’re completely devoid of light and the only clue of your surroundings comes through sound.

Each attendee is given a pair of headphones playing audio recorded to create an uncanny impression of space and movement. The two creators wanted to explore and engage with the audience better and what better way to do that then with binaural sound; a sound sensation that makes you feel you’re in a room with the performer. Binaural sound only works through headphones, which creates a thicker layer of intimacy and intensity.

“We took a long time to come to the conclusion that we didn’t want to show the technology,” says Neath. “With virtual reality, you’ve got this headset on so you know you’re in this virtual world. Whereas with ours, we’re playing with the idea that we don’t know what’s real and what’s not.”

This unique form of entertainment is something you don’t want to miss and if you’re at the International Television Festival in Edinburgh this month then you should book your tickets for this one of a kind performance.


‘Brilliant, mischievous audio trickery.” – Financial Times

‘Seance is Rosenberg and Neath’s best collaboration to date.’ – The Guardian

‘Perfectly contained and completely absorbing, spine-tingaling.’ – The Stage

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