27th July 2017

XYZT – Abstract Landscapes

by mindcorp / Blog

If you live in the states and are into art and interactive experiences then you’re currently in luck! Artechouse is an Art museum and gallery in Washington, whom currently have a digital exhibition running, called XYZT. The Creators Project have called it, ‘A fusion of modern art installation and late 19th century illusionist spectacle.’

Step into a world of imaginary territory of lines, dots and letters and immerse yourself through four dimensions: horizontally (X), vertically (Y), space (Z) and time (T). Adrien and Claire, two French contemporary digital artists and multimedia choreographers created the interactive showcase.

‘Our mission is to inspire, educate, and empower the creation of new, experiential and exploratory art forms. We want to welcome audiences of all ages for a one-of-a-kind immersive art experience.’

There are ten light piece installations that are fully interactive to your touch, step and your actions. It’s a very clever technology that allows you to closely interact with the art and create your own experiences. The pieces are all about connecting with an audience by exploring the sensory relationship between the human body and digital objects in motion.

It’s a modern day and age where artists are using technology as a medium to express how they feel. Audiences don’t want to be a passive viewer anymore; they want to be apart of the art. Welcome to one of the best immersive sensory encounters.

With an office full of art lovers, we hope XYZT comes to London so we can get lost in an abstract world of installations. Are you interested in creating your own immersive experiences through AR/VR? Get in touch today and email info@mindcorp.co.uk


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