Laureus Sport awards Berlin 2020

Client: Laureus
Type: Event branding

We were tasked with branding the 2020 Laureus World Sports Awards in Berlin. We wanted to create an experience for the attendees as they entered the red carpet. Our objective was to incorporate the host city and its obvious history and we were keen for this to feature within the branding.

This brought our thinking to the Berlin wall and the strong texture that the concrete offers. To continue the theme we felt it was vital that we took further inspiration from urban Berlin which lead us to looking at street art and in particular, Tape Art.

Tape Art is a very unique art style in which objects, shapes and characters can be created using adhesive tapes. The use of the tape gives a very working, real, living feel to the pieces which is precisely what we wanted to generate around the red carpet. We combine this with more traditional street/urban art form such as graffiti and tagging. This combination achieved the ‘Urban Berlin’ we were looking for.

We combined landscapes with key characters to create dramatic visuals that represented the producers vision.