Disney and Kiss Me?

As Disney+ looks to overtake Netflix for total subscribers to its streaming platform, maybe it’s time to say goodbye to Netflix and Chilling.

New research has recently emerged putting Disney+ subscribers ahead of Netflix by the year 2026, with a global total of 294 million vs Netflix’s 286 million. Disney+ has surpassed its four-year goal within 14 months of launch and has now set a target of 260 million subscribers by 2024. These numbers leave others such as Amazon Prime (184m) and HBO (50m) in there shadow.

Netflix vs disney mindcorp london

These numbers and streaming platforms brought us on to thinking about other projects closer to home. When speaking to our clients its been noticeable the amount of reliance they are putting on their screener sites, when showing their catalogues to potential purchasers. It has become vital that these sites are looking as fresh and exciting as possible, as well as easy to navigate around. These first interactions for the purchasers are vital as these are their opening experiences with a show, the catalogues and maybe even the client?

Perhaps you need to have a look at how you are presenting your catalogues. Are you giving it the stage it deserve? Does yours have the Netflix feel people are after? Maybe it’s time you arrange a call with us, so that we can give your screener site the attention you feel it needs (slowly stretches and puts arm around screener site).