For the first time in over 60 years the MGM logo will feature a CGI lion.

The evolution of the logo has kept very close to its origins with a facelift rather than a complete overhaul. Its nice to see that they have decided to keep their shiny finish, where a lot of companies are now deciding to go down the flat logo route on their rebrands.

It has caused a bit of a stir in some quarters with some calling it a very poor ‘deepfake’. In our eyes the biggest controversy is that Leo the lion has been lip-syncing all these years. Lions do not make the kind of ferocious roar that they felt the logo needed, so they used a tigers roar instead for a bit more bite (excuse the pun). Once they accompanied the logo with the tiger roar they thought it was GRRREEEAAT! (to quote another famous tiger)

Make your own mind up… a thumbs up or a thumps down?

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