The GOAT is nowhere to be seen.
This week we are enjoying the ATP tour finals, the last event in the tennis calendar and the top 8 players from the season. It’s probably the most socially distanced of sports.

In a gladiatorial sport where the crowd play a vital part, some players have talked about playing behind closed doors.
“Because the boxes and suites were all empty, I became aware of many of my fellow competitors occupying them in order to watch my match. It was quite disconcerting.”

We wanted to celebrate the quite magazine-like, exciting photographic/graphic of this round robin, best of 3 set format.

Very different in design style to a grass court format like Wimbledon or the clay of Roland Garros.

We’ll be in the stands for the start of the 2021 season.

Have a great weekend watching tennis, rugby, football…or the opening round of the downhill season.