In this Pick of the Week, we are celebrating writing. And it doesn’t come better than this. Not only is this a great scene, it has mobilised and empowered society. What am I talking about…..well, I’ll only say Schitt’s Creek, so as not to spoil the scene for those of you who haven’t seen it already.

Now playing on E4 Schitt’s Creek has to be one of the funniest and most endearing series to appear on television for some years. It’s momentum had been building over the first 4 series, slowly but surely, before it came to the wider attention of fans and fellow actors alike during season 5.

To the LGBT community it has become a revelation and a beacon. For those of you that have seen all 6 series, I urge you to watch the final documentary about the making of the final season. It makes grown men cry; but in a good way.

It’s the best of all feelgood factors in an immensely difficult year. Great writing from a great team.

Mindcorp writes copy for its clients campaigns using in-house and one selected choice writer, with whom we have worked for over 10 years. You know who you are!

So, if you want something that’ll make your words look as strong as your production values, give us a call. We aspire to the heady heights of Daniel Levy and now and again we pull it off.