Got the URGE?

While Kia celebrates its best ever year of sales with a new logo, Burger King has also announced a new logo for the first time in 20 years. And they are not the only companies to do so.

Pfizer has also had a brand refresh for the first time in 70 years, having created one of the COVID-19 vaccines. Maybe being in the public eye so much prompted them to this brand refresh? These may not be the only companies who will be looking for a re-brand for a post-pandemic future.

It may be an automatic thought to go for a complete rebrand but it may be a brand re-fresh that is needed, not a complete overhaul. After all you do not want to completely distance yourself from familiarity of your current client base, but show them strength of moving forward past COVID-19. There is no doubt that during these times people have attached themselves to some creature comforts and stuck with a particular brands, products or companies. The next challenge for companies is to show how they were ‘there for you’ during the pandemic and how they will still ‘be there’ for you and be relevant as we see a small glimpse of light at the end of a very long tunnel.

Burger king rebranding mindcorp london

On the other hand, other companies will be bidding to get you on their ‘team’. Reports suggest that 75% of people have moved towards changing certain brands during the pandemic for various reasons – more affordable, availability, which suggests that there is a huge opportunity to attract new customers, viewers, clients to your company. Perhaps what previously seemed out of reach or perceived as luxury, may now become ‘after the year we’ve had we deserve this’. It may even be case that companies have held back budgets during the pandemic and now have the funds to do such work? With companies such as BMW, Fisher-Price and Dorling Kindersley having re-brands maybe it’s time for you to have a think too?

DK rebranding mindcorp london