Client: Laureus
Type: Branding

2022 Laureus World Sports Awards honour individuals and teams from the world of sports along with sporting achievements throughout the year. Laureus was looking for a creative agency to develop the 2022 Awards look and feel, which would later be applied across all digital Awards brand outputs. 

We were tasked to develop the Berlin 2020 Awards identity, as it had outstanding responses and paved the way for a new look for the awards, that strays away from the traditional corporate feel.

Some graphic elements were derived from previous year’s awards to bring a sense of union and togetherness. We introduced grunge typography and paint splatter to reflect the rawness and dynamism of sports using colour palettes from Laureus World Sports Awards and Laureus Sports For Good. Even though the 2022 awards show was purely digital, we wanted to emulate the feeling of a live show by creating graphics on buildings and monuments.