At Mindcorp we’ve tasked to create a series of posters for the programmes or series they’ve been binging on during lockdown.

The Umbrella Academy is the first in our series over the next few weeks. It should make for an interesting set of design styles and a fantastic collage of design and creativity.

With us creating our own bespoke TV key art, we wondered how are you getting on with promoting your shows? It might be a piece of key art, a promo or a sales deck?

Mindcorp’s, FOREPLAY might just be your thing. It’s virtual. It is interactive, picture in picture, embedded video, synopses, in fact anything you need to conduct your meetings and sales pitches.

It’s just a url link; you can present from it; send it to your buyers; update the link with new content whenever you like; know who’s viewed it through analytics; link it to your site.

Well, if Foreplay has aroused your interest why not email and ask for a free demo. And whilst we are at it, why not send us some of YOUR content and we’ll load that into the demo for you to see.