As of today the British government has come out with new measures to contain the Coronavirus. France has banned all gathering of over 100 people.
At Mindcorp, we’d hate a killer virus, to kill your idea before you’ve had a chance to present it.

That’s why we are gearing up to provide immediate virtual campaigns and presentations for your catalogue, new drama, presale or format in an environment where you can still be face-to-face, but the only virus you could contract is a computer virus….and it’s not killed anyone yet.

We are also still doing the traditional ‘at the market’ campaigns, but if you’d like to look at something virtual, speak to us.

At the end of your day, you have the prospect of drinking a glass of Rosé at home, or standing outside the Grand Hotel straining it through a facemask.
Either way, we’re here for you.

Let us know where we can help.
“The campaign doctor will see you now”

If you’ve ever wanted to know if a company exists that can be highly creative, screamingly fast and astonishingly reasonable; we are right here.
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