If you work in the TV and related industries and we’ve either; worked together, collaborated, had a client relationship, almost had a client relationship, shared a glass of rosé or a double espresso in Cannes, exchanged emails, or just have mutual acquaintances, then get in touch for a chat. This pandemic has, 2020 has been hard on individuals and companies alike and if possible we’d like to help.

With MIPCOM online starting next week, we know that on the surface you will all look as cool as a cucumber but Mindcorp know full well under the table your legs will be going 100mph.

No need to panic, Mindcorp are here to help you get over the line. We are also very calm on the surface, the only difference being we are calm under the table too. With over 25 years of experiencing MIP and other events there isn’t anything we haven’t seen during the final hours before an event.

So if you need that catalogue or presentation turning around in a smart fashion then we are the people for you.

We also offer an interactive presentation service. Mindcorp’s, FOREPLAY might just be your thing. It’s virtual. It is interactive, picture in picture, embedded video, synopses, in fact anything you need to conduct your meetings and sales pitches.

It’s ‘just’ a url link; you can present from it; send it to your buyers; update the link with new content whenever you like; know who’s viewed it through analytics; link it to your site.

If this has got your taste buds going or you have realised that this could improve your buyers experience when selling at MIPCOM Online then get in contact.

We are always here to help, even in the 11th hour.