The Internet Is Obsessed With This Starbucks

Gone is the recognisable green Starbucks exterior in favour of a more rustic layout, which is in keeping with the historical ‘hood where it’s located, next to the banks of Dubai Creek.

Located in the oldest part of Dubai, Al Seef itself has been entirely renovated. A combination of old-meets-new in Dubai’s heritage district and this coffee shop is a perfect nod to the old school style.

The story of coffee in Arabia is rich with legend, intrigue, and romance.

Around 1000 A.D., Arabian traders first smuggled coffee from its birthplace in Ethiopia on the African continent across the Red Sea to Yemen on the south end of the Arabian Peninsula. Here the beans were first roasted and cultivated on plantations. They boiled the beans to create a drink they called qahwa.

Arabians began drinking coffee prepared like a bean broth by 1300, and coffeehouses appeared throughout the Arabian world starting in 1450.