The One With The Re-Runs

Get the assorted biscuits on a tray, put the kettle on, your friends will be here soon… oh hang on your f.r.i.e.n.d.s will be here soon. While we may not be allowed to invite people over for a cuppa there are still a few familiar faces we will be letting into our households.

It appears that in these unprecedented times people are turning to some creature comforts with what some call ‘prestige TV’. This comes in the way of Friends, Frasier, Modern Family, Big Bang Theory and The Office to name just a few. Friends was the second-most-streamed show this week, it’s no wonder Netflix forked out almost £85m to get it on the platform for 2019. Perhaps it’s the importance of seeing these longtale programmes and seeing these recognisable faces which some may have grown up with watching and ‘getting to know’ them that gives us the sense of familiarity, warmth and dare we say it, normality.

While there are some fantastic dramas being created, these do not give a person a sense of nostalgia and comfort that maybe Chandler Bing or Sheldon Cooper can offer, maybe you want to have a pint at the bar with NORM! to try and feel NORMal. Either way there is a character for everyone and we all have our favourites, who will you be binge watching the next few months? The Office because you miss going to work, Modern Family because you miss yours, or Friends because, well, you get the gist.

Could there BE anything more comforting.