An alcohol fueled drug addicted character, travelling the States to collect money is probably not how you would expect a chess player to be described. I’d like to introduce you to Beth Harmon.

The Queen’s Gambit does not disappoint when it comes to delivering binge worthy TV thats keeps you hooked from the first episode. Orphaned at a tender age, this series takes you through the ups and downs of Beth discovering and mastering the game of chess with a slightly different inbetween. The creativity within this series is there for all to see, from Beths flawless wardrobe to the tense scenes created through the fantastic way the show is shot.

This is a must watch for anyone and the best thing is you don’t even need to be interested in or understand how to play chess to enjoy it.

Beth opens her ‘creative’ side through drugs, Mindcorp like to get our creative juices going in a slightly more traditional way. Lets setup an online call and lets discuss what we can do for you. Whether you are looking to create a piece of keyart, or promote your new stand out show with brochures and other mixed media means or a digital campaign, we are here to help you. We are feeling so generous that we will offer the first three for FREE (but that’s just between us).

We’ve made our move, it’s now over to you to make yours. Your chess clock is ticking.