Wish You We Were Here

With our industry’s most important worldwide market in October, we are starting a campaign leading up to this and all other international TV conferences throughout the year.

WISH WE WERE HERE is Mindcorp’s new campaign, getting us ready for those all important face-to-face meetings. If you’ve got any MIP memories you want putting into our campaign, with a shout out to you, you colleagues, your client or your company, send your images to andrew@mindcorp.co.uk

Standing looking out of the Grand Hotel, you just cannot wait for a chance to stand and talk with your fellow coworkers and friends after an intense day of meetings. Most people who were asked what they did first after the lockdown said “shopping”. Touching fabrics, picking things up, being tactile. We all know what we sell at the markets can be both sold and watched on screens, but to physically interact with the pitches, the launches and the campaigns really gives us all sense of positivity and belonging. Instead of being the death of the markets, this pandemic may well be responsible for their renaissance.