Harnessing Ai across all client projects

Want to get on the AI Learning Curve and understand how it can be beneficial to you and your team? Well, look no further. Mindcorp utilises all elements of AI for visuals and moving content for client projects.

You could be pitching an idea; be creating characters and plot scenarios; be looking to enhance art direction across your marketing; be needing a killer deck for your marketing, funding, pitch meetings.

Pitching films and dramas with AI synopsis - Mindcorp 1
Pitching films and dramas with AI Character description - Mindcorp 2

All of these are done here…..and expertly so, we might add. Any of you that have tried AI for visuals and imagery will know it is easy to get something out of it, but exceptionally difficult to get something bang on brief.

We are constantly adding new samples and scenarios to this page….so give it a regular check to see what’s new.

Pitching films and dramas with AI Scenarios - Mindcorp

Want to set up a workshop or demo for your team? Just drop us an email and we’ll show you the sort of things we can put together. You might have something you’d like us to try out for you. Either way, we are here to promote AI for good and to enable the tolls to maximise your creativity.