Alfred Dunhill Links Championship

Client: Alfred Dunhill
Type: Branding
We have had 17 years working with Alfred Dunhill Links Championship on behalf of the Richemont Group of Luxury Brands.
The golf tournament is held at St Andrews in Scotland, with two other courses at Carnoustie and Kings Barns. While working with ADLC we refreshed the brand identity, created all on course branding, including sponsor areas and developed their website, digital marketing and social media.

The Alfred Dunhill Links Championship is one of the world’s leading golf events.  It is a magnet for golfers from every corner of the globe.
In 2013 the ADLC was rebranded with revisions and updates to the typography, course layout and colour palettes.
The main objective of the rebrand was to make championship more in keeping with it’s environment and reflect the hues and tones of its Scottish surroundings.

Harold Riley Advertisement Posters
These sets of 3 advertisement posters are positioned around St. Andrews pre-tournament. They can be seen within the local shops, notice boards and on digital billboards within Edinburgh airport prior to the event. The posters are to bring attention to the Links tournament and St Andrews.

Window Display
These stickers are used on window display in shops around St Andrews that’s used to inform about all five beneficiaries of Alfred Dunhill Links.

Alfred Dunhill medal
Each medal is hand cast and hand engraved, the engraver having over 40 years of experience in working as a master engraver for the royal mint. This ensures that each medal is unique and they are produced in a numbered edition and each number is assigned to a particular player.
In the years to come, the dunhill medal/money clip will be seen as iconic and desirable as the dunhill lighter was in years gone by. You should look after and cherish a medal if you receive one as they are not for sale, not transferable, and irreplaceable.