Client: All3media
Type: Pre-Sales
We were approached to create the key art for a brand new series, Informer.
A gritty, urban drama, the series follows a young, second generation Pakistani man, living in East London who is coerced to go under cover for a counter-terrorism officer.

We were provided no imagery or cast shots and had to source this all ourselves.
We knew we had to have some kind of cityscape or depiction of London to set the scene. As with all pre-sales key art we have to ensure not to use faces of models.
The first concepts created were gritty, dangerous and suggestive of sinister behaviour. However, it was felt that they weren’t right for the show as the protagonist was being depicted as a gangster rather than a normal kid that gets mixed up in this world.
The final artwork mixed London landscape and urban shots. The striped filter was used to suggest cctv footage and a feeling of being watched. The artwork was used for the cover of a pre-sales brochure at Mipcom 2017.