Laureus Rebranding

Client: Laureus
Type: Branding

The task was to rebrand Laureus. We wanted to create something dynamic and fun, whilst reflecting the brand identity and its sub-brands.

The Laureus logo was modified to be bolder and stronger. One of the important things to get right was recreating the emblem, so there were many development stages. We based our branding from the angles that existed in the emblem. To add character and brand the typography as Laureus, we used an angle from the emblem to slash off the bottom foot on certain letters.

The overall branding includes angled shapes and stripes to add an urban feel and portray the colour palettes from each sub-genre tastefully.

We created a separate Sport for Good logo to be used for physical branding purposes such as, on clothes, on event banners or the hood of a car. This way it increases the spread of the brand identity.

Click here to see the final implementation of the Laureus rebrand.

Laureus original logo mindcorp london Laureus new logo mindcorp london
Laureus original logo and new logo iterations branding 2020 mindcorp london
Laureus visual language emblem breakdown lines mindcorp london
Laureus hand drawn font new branding 2020 mindcorp london