Let’s hope other MIP and other markets follow the London Screening upwards trend

Last week saw the London Screenings hit the hotels and cinemas in Soho. The London Screenings has become a firmament of the International TV marketplace, running with a roster of 26 International TV companies. The event’s founding distributors are All3Media International, Banijay Rights, Entertainment One (eOne), Fremantle and ITV Studios and they all had a large presence on the calendar of events. ITV Studios stood out for us, as they chose to theme up the Odeon Luxe for the benefit of buyers and sellers alike, creating an immersive atmosphere in the space and the branding and styling was absolutely on point.

I think 2024 will see more of the major founders and other distributors create a fully styled marketplace to suit their captive audience….and we hope others will follow suit in 2024. Having the right environment makes the whole process more seamless.

It’s a shame that the site that promotes the London Screenings isn’t a bit more informative, or owned in some form. There was a lot of talk of people on the fringes of the event that needed and wanted more intel on getting in.
We are pretty sure with the footfall of 2023 and relatively full auditoria, that these things will come.

One wonders what modular MIPtv will offer and who will buck their earlier trend of saying they might not attend.