Adidas’s new nature inspired World Cup away Jersey

Inspired by nature, Adidas’s new World Cup away jersey is ready for the big stage.

Made for the best players around the world; Japan, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Colombia and Argentina, each kit reflects the wonders of its natural environment.

Japan’s away kit takes its pink colour tones from the sunrise at Mount Fuji, representing the Japanese team emerging from the horizon at the Woman’s World Cup. German’s woodland green colours are inspired by the great Black Forest that covers a third of the country’s land mass. Spain’s jersey features the beautiful coral reefs found around the coastlines; Sweden’s kit represents the vast glacial rivers and ice caps; Colombia’s kit pays homage to the hues of the Caño Cristales River and Argentina’s jersey displays the striking landscapes from Serranía de Hornocal, signifying the diverse natural landscapes of the country.

One wonders what modular MIPtv will offer and who will buck their earlier trend of saying they might not attend.