Mindcorp lead in launch of NEW Off the Fence identity and web platform

Mindcorp completed Off the Fence’s overhaul of their new website with new back-end system, front-end design and new features in time for MIPCOM launch.

Over the last 12 months, we have been working closely with the Off the Fence team to help them realise the massive changes going through the company over the last two years.

The work has centred around a thorough overhaul of the back-end, working closely with their sales teams and a complete redesign and front-end UX and UI interface change.

To make this as smooth as possible, Mindcorp have created the best operating software, with newly added features, a completely new back-end interface and functionality.

The creation in this screening systems software has meant that it now carries the most flexibility of design and functionality in the marketplace and at a really competitive monthly price.

One of the key features in the new software interface is the design of a digital catalogue that can be created and delivered instantly, allowing the sales team to send bespoke playlists with full catalogue info on any configurations of programmes within minutes. With the virtual death of the printed catalogue, the ability to create a bespoke buyers playlist and catalogue on-the-fly is key.

Mindcorp have also created other key pieces of TV business in the last few months and have launched the new Off the Fence platform and identity, to get companies thinking about their own identity and digital delivery.

If you wish to have a demonstration of the screening system, please contact:

Andrew: andrew@mindcorp.co.uk
Craig Rathbone: craig@mindcorp.co.uk