The Ultimate AI Cheat Sheet

AI revolutionises the TV industry, playing a crucial role as a convergence technology with a multitude of perks. While handy for general tasks using Chat GPT, the real magic happens when when AI joins forces with creatives for crafting pitch decks, storyboarding, creating key art and concept boards along with motion capture, and real-time graphics. In essence, those leading the AI revolution are setting a formidable pace that proves challenging to match.

At Mindcorp, we’re actively using these AI tools: Midjourney, DALLE.E 2, Adobe Sensei, Canva, Mokker AI, Galileo AI, Khroma, ClickUp, Chat GPT, amongst others.

By leveraging generative AI tools, we can streamline and enhance the creative process, generating visually compelling and cohesive materials. AI’s ability to analyse data and identify patterns aids in the discovery of innovative design elements and storytelling angles, providing a fresh perspective for pitch presentations and conceptual development.

Crucially, AI’s processing power makes all this more affordable, a game-changer in today’s economic climate. Ultimately, AI is seen as a creative companion, opening doors for producers, content creators, and tech wizards to enhance program and content production. It’s a boost for creativity and productivity, allowing the industry’s creative minds to thrive in the dynamic landscape. Rory Flinn has released the ultimate cheat sheet guide for those looking to start or even elevate their prompts on Midjourney.

Click here for a copy of the cheat sheet.