Wayne Gretzky knew a thing or two about seizing the opportunities presented to him.
Whether it’s your league returning to competition, your summer series back on the sporting calendar or your sporting championship and sponsor plans for 2021, you’ll want to talk to Mindcorp.

We work closely with clients on live sports and awards projects across different countries and we’d like to show you more. So much so that we are offering 3 days free creative consultancy time on any project that you wish.

It could be a pitch deck, working on . some video promos, a sponsorship document, some branding and identity ideas, social media; frankly anything you can think of…….and if we can do it in 3 days or less, you’ve effectively got it for free.

So take it from Wayne and make sure you take that shot. You can’t miss.

Take a look at an example of our work and get in touch.